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Egoband was born in Livorno (italy) in 1988 by the two founding members Alessandro Accordino (voice and keyboards) and Fabio Cioni (drums). Alfonso Capasso (electric bass) and Massimo Fava (electric Guitar) join the band in 1991 when comes out the first album ''Trip in the light of the world'' (MUSEA RECORDS) with typical new-progressive sound.
The second work is FINGERPRINT (1992,MELLOW RECORDS) with the first line-up change. Massimo Fava left the band and Simone Coloretti take his place. At the drums Andrea Brogi.
IN 1995 the third album, ''WE ARE'' with the departure of Andrea Brogi and a new drummer Jacopo Giusti. The sound of the album is harder and experimental.A change of direction typical of this band.
Again in 1995 Egoband releases a song for ''EYEWITNEES A TRIBUTE TO VDGG'' (MELLOW RECORDS) with the song ''Arrow'' and Peter Hammil talks about Egoband as the real interpreter of the VDGG's spirit.
the real change of direction occurs with the release of fourth album ''EARTH'' in 1999 when a new musician enter the band. Is Davide Matteucci (Sax,Oboe,Clarinet) and the sound became typical Jazz-prog and again,very original.
After 10 years in which the members take differents paths, Egoband meets again and begins a tour with the new drummer Michele Morteo and is working now at the new Album.

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